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TM 10-1532 8.00EUR

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Edition: 1943 pages: 176
Type of documentation: Service Parts Catalog

4 Ton 6x6 Diamond T Models 968A, 969A, 970A & 972, Parts list

In the preparation of this Parts List, the grouping used is that specified by the Quartermaster General's Office, as listed on the following page. Group numbers are composed of four figures, the first two of which index the main group, while the two following figures indicate those sub-groups of parts which comprise the main groups.
For example, the Engine Group is 01; the Electrical Group 06; the Front Axle Group 10, etc. Subdivisions such as Connecting Rods and Bearings are 0104; Light Switches and Cables, 0606; Steering Knuckle, Flange and Arm, 1006, etc.

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