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 SNL G-200   SNL G-200   15.00EUR  Tank, Light, M24 'Chaffee'

Type : Service Parts Catalog
545 Pages, Edition 1951  
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 TM 9-729 French   TM 9-729 French   12.00EUR  Char léger M24

Type : Notice Technique d'Utilisation et d'Entretien
253 Pages, Edition 1952  
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 TM 9-313   TM 9-313   5.00EUR  75-mm Gun M6 and Combination Gun Mount M64

Type : Technical Manual
132 Pages, Edition 1948  
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 TM 9-729   TM 9-729   12.00EUR  Light Tank M24

Type : Technical Manual
421 Pages, Edition 1951  
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 TM 9-1729A   TM 9-1729A   8.00EUR  Light Tanks M5, M5A1 and M24, 75-MM Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 and Twin 40-MM Gun Motor Carriage M19: Engines, Cooling Systems and Fuel Systems

Type : Ordnance Maintenance
151 Pages, Edition 1944  
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 TM 9-1313 French * MAT3365   TM 9-1313 French * MAT3365   6.00EUR  Canon de 75mm M6 et Affût Combiné M64 monté sur Char; Réparation

Type : Manuel de Réparations
56 Pages, Edition 1953  
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