Download help

Download help

Some providers mailboxes do not accept messages with download links inside. They see these messages as 'spam' or 'junk'. Here are the procedures to follow in case of problems.

After confirmation of your payment you receive two messages;
First from the store letting you sending your download link in a separate email.
A second email containing the download link.

These two messages are sent simultaneously. If you have not received the second email with the link, you should check if it has not been moved in the 'spam' or 'junk' in your email. Do not hesitate to contact us if it is not there.

The second email looks like this: (The presentation may vary depending on your email client)

Click on the link indicated by the red arrows

You see when your documents appear. Simply retrieve each document by right-clicking the mouse at the icon and select 'Save As ...' or 'Save Target As ...' or 'Save target as ... "and choose a location. The ideal is the desktop to easily find your documents.
After downloading the manual on your computer and you can view it at your leisure.

In rare cases, if the download is very slow or jams, we advise(recommend) you to reattempt a little later, it is possible that the network by where walks the document is blocked to see saturated at certain hours.

For technical questions, do not hesitate to contact us: