Frequently asked questions
- What is a PDF manual ?

The manual is not on paper but on the computer ©Adobe PDF format . You can read it on your computer, tablet etc. . It does not take place and never degrades . You can print the pages you need or even the entire manual .

- Do you sell manual on paper ?

No, we only sell digital books in PDF format. The cost of publishing, inventory management , and especially shipping would make the final price multiplied by four , not counting the time of preparation and delivery!

- Which are the advantages of a manual in PDF rather than on paper ?

There are several ; A paper manual is painful for use on workshop , it is necessary to hold it open, be careful not to dirty to turn pages ... In digital format, you print the pages you need exactly . You can get dirty , take notes and add comments for future reassembly surrounding parts to buy, etc ...
In digital format , it is available immediately at a very attractive price and free shipping . For some digital manuals as parts catalogs for example, you can search the reference computer for you delve 800 pages and thousands of references to find yours in few seconds .

- Can we print the pages of a PDF manual ?

Yes , a page or the entire document without any restrictions. You can even give your manual on USB key  to a professional printer that will do it for you , ©Adobe PDF format is standard and recognized by all professional printing.

- In a large manual parts, how to find a quick reference ?

For two years now , all our new books on spare parts catalogs have a new function ' search' . Simply type the reference and research manual scans . On average, it takes 4 seconds to fly a manual of 800 pages !
All our old 'Parts list' will receive this new feature in the coming months .

- What is the quality of your scans ?

This process is carried out only as from original manuals . Scanning is done on professional equipment (HP ScanJet 9000, Aficio MP2510 , Epson GT -15000 and 4990 ) and each page is processed manually (cleaning , framing, photo processing ) and finally assembling the manual in PDF format with index by category for easy access to the desired section . The end result is sometimes better than the original! With a resolution of 300DPI ( professional print quality ) work does not have strictly anything to see with what you can find elsewhere.

        - In the tab ' New ' there is a section ' Futur Releases' What is it exactly ?

This is the list of books in our possession but have not yet been scanned. So in this list a handbook is which you search, you can inform of it us, we will place it in priority in next digitalizations.

- What are the payment methods ?

You can pay by credit card through secure site Paypal and bank transfer.

- How long is it necessary before being able to download my order after my payment ?

If you pay by credit card, an automatic link sent to you in 10 minutes to an hour. For other payment methods , the download link will be sent upon receipt of payment .

- After a crash of my computer , I lost the manuals that I bought in your store. Is it possible to download them again ?

Of course, upon your request , we provide all your orders online for download and without time limit . However, remember to save your manuals on CD or DVD.

- I have books for sale , this may interest you ?

TM- WW2 is always looking for new documentation . If you have, it matters! They must be absolutely original (no photocopies or scans) and military origins . We are looking for books of all nationalities, all weapons and regardless of the state ( Dirty , torn ... )
Contact us for more information.

- In your catalog, there are free books !

In fact, many manuals are available for immediate free download . You can judge the quality of our work.
These documents are available from TM- WW2 . You can only broadcast for free and explicitly citing the original source ie TM- WW2.COM
The resale of these documents is strictly prohibited. Identifications were included in images and texts in order to trace all commercial uses , even partial , of these documents and our rights .

- How long do you exist ?

TM- WW2 exists since 2008 and is constantly looking for new manuals . We are currently the only company to offer a large number of military manuals prior to 1970.

- While searching on the Internet , there are some free books scanned . Why are you selling them ?

These manuals are almost always a very poor quality, the pictures are too dark , unreadable and unusable if they contain text. Some sell them grabbing the work of others but it is always the same textbooks that run either alone or in compilation CD sold on auction or classified ad sites.
All the manuals distributed in our shop result from our digitalizations starting from our originals, they do not have strictly anything to see in term of quality with the manuals referred to above.

- How to know the manuals which I need to restore my vehicle?

We created a topic “help” on our homepage in order to find you there more easily.

- These manuals are free of rights, may I give onto my site a manual or extracts of a manual which I bought you?

Generally not. Although these books are declassified and royalty-free, work scanning, processing and assembly belongs to TM-WW2, it is the equivalent of performing rights for musical works passed into the public domain.
However, under specific conditions and with certain rules, we can give our consent. Contact us for more information.